Nikolaj Ilsted Bech

Actually, Nikolaj is a trained molecular biologist, since 2012, however, he has been advising Danish inventors on pharma and biotechnology, and green solutions, among others. Prior to his employment with the IAS, Nikolaj was our contact in the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education.


Why do you work at the IAS?

In my view, the IAS is the best operationally designed unit in the entire business development framework, and when circumstances are right my job here provides me with the opportunity to transform inventions and inventors from untapped potential and into economic and work-related assets in the community. These are amazing processes for me to take part in.

When do you shine in your job?

I specialize in trading of intellectual property rights to new technologies and products, and I know the many variations of what can be subject to agreement between a licensor and a licensee. An important part of this work is to make the terms understandable to those involved and to make the parties involved find each other through a balanced contract that both parties wish to enter.
Moreover, I have ample experience in developing the basis for presenting an invention in such a way that an existing company may see the possibilities for turning the invention into a commercially attractive product.

What peaks in your working day would make you almost run out into the hallway and shout YES?

For that to happen, I will have been through a good process with an inventor and a company leading to the parties signing an agreement for continued cooperation towards a marketable product, and preferably this process will have happened in close cooperation with my very sweet, helpful and extremely competent colleagues.