Opfinderrådgiver Peter Hansen

Peter Hansen

Peter is passionate about turning good ideas into new products and economic growth in Danmark. Peter has a professional background in offshore energy and has participated in the development of new methods and equipment to aid the climate change mitigation. Peter has a Bachelor’s degree from RUC and a MSc in Economics and Business Administration from CBS.

Why do you work at the IAS?

The Inventor Advisory Service is an amazing place to meet creative people who follow their intuition and curiosity in order to bring forth new ideas. It is a privilege to follow and spar with the inventors through their process and work with them to make sure that their idea becomes a commercial succes.

Where do you shine in your job?

I am good at making the initial contact with companies and finding the right match with a company that will prioritize the invention in question, so that the launch of the invention can be accelerated. This requires both persistance and positivity – especially in those cases where the road to succes is paved with a few speedbumps.

What makes a good day at work in your opinion?

When my colleagues and I are succesful with a case that concludes in an agreement between the inventor and the company, that both parties are happy with. A good day at work could also be a day on which I receive feedback from an inventor, who has reached his/her goal with their idea and has experienced dedication and commitment from the team at the Inventor Advisory Service.