Rune Rex


Rune has a degree in industrial design from OCAD in Canada and KADK in Copenhagen. He also has a decade of entrepreneurial experience within the start-up culture. In addition to advising inventors, Rune plays a significant role in our prototype workshop and he is also an experienced lecturer and idea developer. For Rune, the product is indeed important, but he is even more concerned with the processes which have led from the first tentative idea to the finished product.

Why do you work at the IAS?

I’m an inventor advisor because I love ideas – anything from products of the future to everyday service – as long as the ideas create value for people and for the planet. And, of course, that you should be allowed to make money on them at the same time.

When do you shine in your job?

I’m good at passing on my enthusiasm and energy to others and to their ideas, and I love to meet new people and train their idea generation and mindset development muscles.

What makes a good day at work in your opinion?

Preferably a variety of different processes – an interactive presentation that involves talented students, one-to-one advisory service where I seem to have been of help to someone, and then I aim for helping to build at least one prototype per day – then, it’s been a very good day.