Therese Lauridsen

Therese is our student worker in the prototyping workshop, where she is ready to help the visiting inventors to develop their idea and build a prototype. Therese is studying civil engineering, and the combination between that and her work with us gives her the best prerequisites for helping and guiding the visitors in the workshop.

Why do you work at the IAS?

I love thinking outside the box and in innovative ways. I am also really into building and repairing stuff – generally, I really like to experiment by trial and error. That is what I want to help inventors with; developing, testing, failing and trying again. It is so cool to meet someone coming in the door with an idea and helping them to leave the workshop with a prototype.

When do you shine in your job?

I am not afraid to fail. I just start doing something and that often takes me quite far – luckily. And if it doesn’t work, I just call it a prototype. I also have a happy disposition and I am good with people. People, craftsmanship in practice and technology are closely connected here in the prototyping workshop.

What makes a good day at work in your opinion?

If someone comes in with a problem they have had for a long time, and I can help them solve it – then it’s been a good day at work. And like anyone else, I would feel proud of my effort if someone gave me praise.