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Welcome to the Inventor Advisory Service idea template. You are now to take the first step in the process of working with your idea towards commercialization and we are looking forward to guiding you through the process.

Please describe your idea as thoroughly as possible by answering the questions below. The more information you provide, the better are our chances of understanding your idea. Our services are of course bound by strict confidentiality.

Information about your idea

* What problem does your idea solve or address?
* How does your idea work?
* What is the target group / key customer segment of your idea?
* Have you done any market validation by talking to people from your target group?

* What existing solutions come closest to your idea?
* How does your idea differ from other solutions?
* If relevant, have you applied for IP protection of your idea (patent, design or trademark)?

* How developed is your idea? Is it mainly theoretical /on paper or have you build prototypes and/or tested it?
* If you have drawings/illustrations, photos or videos of your ideas please attach them

* What specific companies or type of companies would match your idea?

Information about you


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