• The ability to get great ideas is endemic in all human beings


Citizens are inventive. They formulate ideas for new products and solutions that companies can acquire, further develop for the market and sell. This in turn leads to innovation and growth in businesses, and stimulates job creation and valuable revenue for society. Each year the Inventor Advisory Service helps thousands of Danes explore their ideas, with the aim of turning these ideas into validated, commercializable inventions, products and services.

Our advisory services are free, independent, confidential and offered as a means of help-to-self-help. Our methodology is very hands-on and practical and as an inventor you play a very important role as you will be wholly immersed in the ‘advisory’ process. We rely on your willingness to collaborate and persistence in gathering necessary and valuable insights needed for your ideas and/or inventions to succeed. Do you have a great idea or invention you would like to bring to life? Are you looking for strong, practical sparring and guidance during the process? Then send us a description of your ideas or inventions. We look forward to hearing from you.

(Presently, we are limited to offering advisory services to Danish citizens.)

We will help you with your creative mindset and your idea.

Fablab TI is the IAS digital prototype workshop. Experience tells us that the best ideas emerge through experiments and practical testing in real life settings. Once ideas become tangible, they are more easily understood and communicated to others.

Supplemented by our advisory service, Fablab TI is exactly about creating an experimental framework where you can develop your ideas right from the initial phase and all the way to the market. To us, prototyping is a process of building simple prototypes that are continuously being rebuilt and reshaped to examining our ideas.

Each year, the Inventor Advisory Service coaches and trains more than 2,000 students and teachers, our efforts focusing on how to create relevant valuable ideas that make a difference. This service we call the Mindset Trainers, because the right mindset is crucial for creating the best ideas.

Similarly, Mindset Trainers has a close cooperation with the Patent and Trademark Office and the Entrepreneurship Fund. We are frequent speakers and attendees, judges and jury attendees at local, regional and nationwide entrepreneurship competitions.

Great ideas, making great value, can happen anywhere. An important common feature is that they always occurs in a person – a citizen.

Martin Kunzendorf

Journalist / Storyteller

Anette Høgh Sonnichsen

Consultant / Inventor advisor

Rune Rex

Inventor advisor

Nikolaj Ilsted Bech

Inventor advisor

Kasper Birkeholm Munk

Head of the Inventor Advisory Service

Niclas Skov Lindbæk

Inventor advisor

Rasmus Bjerring Offersen

Inventor advisor

Line Gram Frøkjær

Inventor advisor / Fablab Manager

Danish Inventor Advisory Service consists of many competent consultants and advisors who are ready to help with licensing, idea development, prototyping, market clarification, design thinking and so on. Meet our team.